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                  Hope Project Charitable Trust

                   T-22, Basti Hzt. Nizamuddin,

                  New Delhi – 110013, INDIA


The Hope Project Charitable Trust, located in Delhi, India, was founded in 1975 by the international Sufi teacher Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan. He is
the son of Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan, the eminent classical Indian musician who was the first to bring Sufism to the West. Moved by the extreme
poverty of the people living in the vicinity of the mausoleum of his father, teacher Pir Vilayat resolved to do something to relieve their suffering.
The Hope Project Charitable Trust is Pir Vilayat’s reinterpretation of the ancient tradition of giving out alms at Sufi tombs. Rather than simply
receiving handouts, the poor are helped to become self-sufficient..