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The Milk Program

The Milk Program was the initial activity of the Hope Project Charitable Trust. When it was started, in 1975, hunger was the major problem the
Hope Project was dealing with. Milk was distributed to ensure that young children get enough protein for proper development. Today, when
some kind food is generally available to every one, the Milk Program remains an important service of the Hope Project. Local children under two
years of age, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and patients receive a serving of milk each morning. In addition to milk, malnourished and
severly undernourished children are provided with additional dietary suppliments. The milk program is also used to get a daily overview of the
people who are being serviced by the Hope Project and to see new arrivals from poorer parts of the country. Every month all the milk recipients
are weighed, and checked out for signs of illness or neglect, in which case they are referred to the Social Welfare Unit for further investigation and treatment.

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